The Benefits of Twitter

benefits of twitterIf you think that Twitter is only for celebrities who want to promote something they are working on or who want to get more followers than their fellow celebs, then think again. The benefits of being on Twitter are many, whether for business marketing or personal use.

Why do I like Twitter?

Firstly, I get the news in real time directly from eye-witnesses. Whatever is happening, wherever it may be in the world, someone will be on the ground tweeting about it, very often before any of the media companies are able to cover it. [Read more…]


Beer and Naked Women

groupDid I grab your attention? Was the title compelling enough to make you want to read on?

As any good copywriter will know, your headline is your shop window to the rest of your writing and the first impression that you will make on any prospective reader. If you want to entice your audience, a compelling headline is critical but then, of course, you have to make sure that your following content is of high enough quality to convert your browser into a reader.

Keep any headline short, clear and direct. If you can do it in 5 words, so much the better! Make any headline relevant to the content that follows and convey your message with confidence.  Add persuasive adjectives or powerful words such as ‘fast’, ‘easy’, ‘new’ or even ‘free’. [Read more…]


Addictive Apps

Apps 3For my sins, I must admit that I have become addicted to tapping the app! My iPhone has so many pages of apps that it takes me a while to swipe through to find which one I want. There are the useful apps, such as Google Maps, and several that I thought would be utilised more than they are but which seem to sit redundantly on the smartphone. The great thing is that I haven’t spent a penny downloading these apps because there are so many amazing free ones available on the iTunes App.

Social apps help keep you connected with others anywhere in the world:

Twitter – use Twitter to keep up to date with what’s happening with real time search. Find trending topics, tweet, send DMs, share photos, videos and links with friends and followers. [Read more…]


Blog or Website?

blog or websiteWebsites and blogs seem to be something that few businesses can ignore as part of their marketing plan, but creating a successful, high-quality site could take time and money.

One of the first things to do is to understand what you want your website or blog to do. Do you need it to be a lead generation tool for your company, or are you looking to communicate with existing customers?

Whether you are able to create your own site, have an in-house team who can do this for you or whether you need to use a web design firm, the next step is to put together a clear strategy that will help you to achieve your goal. [Read more…]


Content is Still King!

bill gatesBack in 1996 Bill Gates wrote an article with the title ‘Content is King’. The opening sentence was “Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet, just as it was in broadcasting.” So, is this mantra still true or has content been usurped? Interestingly, the buzz phrase within the digital marketing arena during the past year has been ’Content is King’, so it looks like things have come full circle and nothing has changed! In fact content is even more important nowadays because it is the basis for all online marketing and that includes social media, blogging, websites, video or any other digital based campaign. [Read more…]


The Power of Pinterest

Pinterest, the online pinboard where you can share images, is addictive! Since its launch in March 2013 Pinterest has gained 70 million users and, interestingly, statistics show that it is predominantly women who interact through this social platform. Founded by 3 guys, Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra, and Evan Sharp, Pinterest is fast becoming an influential network that is not to be ignored in the sphere of e-commerce.

Personally I just love to use Pinterest to showcase images that I think are worth sharing, but I also enjoy being able to discover things that other people have pinned. Visual images have an instant impact on our brain whilst text takes longer to comprehend. Yes, people use Pinterest to make visual boards of their wedding wish list and to get inspiration for hobbies. They can also share images of their own creativity and help to motivate others. It is like a big online community of mutual appreciation and if you have pinned something original it is very satisfying when someone repins or likes it! [Read more…]


MAC-UK A Positive Spin on Gang Culture

In the wake of the recent riots that occurred throughout the UK there has been strong condemnation of Social Media as the catalyst for inciting violence as well as a huge outcry in the media about the sophisticated use of Social Media platforms to orchestrate looting by organised gangs.

In an article at The Guardian.co.uk the Labour MP for Westminster North is quoted as saying that “the Government should launch an independent inquiry into the triggers for the events, focusing in part on the role of social media in the spread of gangs…”

In Karen Buck’s view there has been a widespread denial of the seriousness of gang culture in central London and she added: “The way that gangs have emerged very strongly in the past few years has been facilitated by the use of social media.” [Read more…]


The Future of Social Media

Unfortunately none of us has a crystal ball, but the future of Social Media is assured as one that will become an even more integral part of society, allowing people to share and interact with one another around the world in real time.

Social Media has provided a platform that enables users to contribute directly to debates and discussions, and one that has opened up a global social community that just a few years ago was unthought-of. Social Media has become totally integrated with mass media, bringing personalised experiences to a worldwide audience and letting everyone become journalists and commentators if they wish.

The future of Social Media will be multi-dimensional with different platforms corresponding to specific areas in our lives.  It will be used to integrate social experiences into everyday routines in clever ways that will enhance mundane activities such as shopping or banking. [Read more…]


Social Media – Celebrities Behaving Badly?

US actor Ashton Kutcher was a pioneer user of Twitter. One of the few celebrities who was tweeting before it became a popular form of social networking and back in the day when using Twitter was a source of material for comedians and commentators who couldn’t understand why anyone would want to let others know what they were eating for breakfast in 140 characters or less.

However Kutcher, whose Twitter profile has built up a following of more than 8.2 million, seems to have a love/hate relationship with the very social medium that kept him in the public eye and ensured he featured in traditional media on a regular basis. [Read more…]


Social Media Sharing Made Easier!

Facebook are rolling out a whole host of new privacy settings tomorrow, Thursday 25th August, and now that we also have Google+, with the option to share with others via Circles, social networking seems to be getting easier! Keeping it simple has always been a good idea, and now some of the Social Media platforms are finally getting to grips with the fact that users like sites that are undemanding and easy to use. [Read more…]