Brilliant Beauty Balm (BB) Creams

BB groupHaving come to the end of my first tube of BB Cream, I am hot-footing it out to buy another one straight away! Being of a sceptical mind I couldn’t understand what the fuss was all about when these alphabet formulation creams were introduced to make-up counters.  So just what are these creams that are jostling for a place alongside your normal foundations and tinted moisturisers?

Firstly, BB stands for “beauty balm” and CC for “complexion corrector” or “colour and correct.” While a BB cream provides instant sheer coverage along with SPF, a CC cream helps address any problems with acne, scars, redness, hyperpigmentation or a sallow complexion, while also providing anti-aging benefits and it is an ideal product for those of us who need a bit more coverage. DD creams, DD standing for Daily Defense or Dynamic Do-All, will soon be hitting the market and these apparently do everything that BB and CC creams do but they claim to also improve your skin after prolonged use.  [Read more…]