The Benefits of Twitter

benefits of twitterIf you think that Twitter is only for celebrities who want to promote something they are working on or who want to get more followers than their fellow celebs, then think again. The benefits of being on Twitter are many, whether for business marketing or personal use.

Why do I like Twitter?

Firstly, I get the news in real time directly from eye-witnesses. Whatever is happening, wherever it may be in the world, someone will be on the ground tweeting about it, very often before any of the media companies are able to cover it.

Twitter is a great way to be aware of hot topics and new trends within your industry or that surround a specific interest. Simply type your search query into the search box at the top of the page and hit return. Then click on the gear icon and select ‘Save search’ from the drop down menu. To find that saved search another time, click anywhere in the search box at the top of the page and a list of your saved searches will appear below the search box. Click on the saved search to revisit results for that query. You can save up to 25 searches per account.

Connecting with like-minded people is really useful and could lead to something more valuable. Retweeting or sharing messages brings you into contact with people you would never have a chance to communicate with normally.

Using Twitter for marketing purposes allows you to personally engage with customers or prospective clients and you can create links to send traffic to your website or blog.  It can give you a feel about what people think about your company or brand and can help to establish your credibility and expertise.  One good tip is to be consistent with your tweeting. Setting up different accounts for personal and business use is a good idea. Stick to one or two main topics but don’t frighten your followers by swerving away from what it was they initially followed you for. Use hashtags sparingly and only when they are relevant to what you are tweeting about.

Endorsing other tweeters can help you be seen as a potential influencer. Share a great blog, tweet about a fab product or rave about a friend’s newly published novel and hopefully others will endorse whatever it is you are promoting.

There are several unexpected benefits to using Twitter but ultimately the value you get out is proportional to the effort you put in.


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