The Power of Pinterest

Pinterest, the online pinboard where you can share images, is addictive! Since its launch in March 2013 Pinterest has gained 70 million users and, interestingly, statistics show that it is predominantly women who interact through this social platform. Founded by 3 guys, Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra, and Evan Sharp, Pinterest is fast becoming an influential network that is not to be ignored in the sphere of e-commerce.

Personally I just love to use Pinterest to showcase images that I think are worth sharing, but I also enjoy being able to discover things that other people have pinned. Visual images have an instant impact on our brain whilst text takes longer to comprehend. Yes, people use Pinterest to make visual boards of their wedding wish list and to get inspiration for hobbies. They can also share images of their own creativity and help to motivate others. It is like a big online community of mutual appreciation and if you have pinned something original it is very satisfying when someone repins or likes it!

Last year Pinterest reached 10 million monthly uniques in just nine months, achieving that milestone in a quicker period than any of the other social networks. Whilst Pinterest is not going to compete with the likes of Facebook and Twitter for traffic, pins have a longer life than that of a tweet because they can be searched for long after a tweet has been and gone.

Apart from using Pinterest for personal enjoyment, here’s how you can utilise Pinterest for marketing purposes:

  • If you are looking to drive traffic to your website, then Pinterest is a useful tool.  Pin images of your products with a link back to your site. Interest can be generated if someone repins your image, prompting some to click through to your website for more information and maybe even to purchase the product.
  • Use Pinterest to build your brand.  Share images that surround your business. Pin Infographics that are relevant to what you do, share content, pin pictures of your employees, products or office. If your pins are seen often enough people will begin to recognise your brand.
  • Build a loyal following and find out who is following your boards and repinning your images.

Pinterest is relevant and definitely a platform to watch! Pop in to Pinterest and start pinning today, whether for business or pleasure.

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