Fast Food can be a Healthy Option

Fast food has become entrenched into British culture, becoming the favourite go-to quick option for busy workers or parents looking for a way to feed their kids easily and, so they think, cheaply.

Essentially fast food options should only be an occasional part of your normal diet because they tend to be high in fat, sodium and sugar which can lead to a range of associated health problems including diabetes, heart disease and arthritis. We all know that sometimes we feel lethargic and lack energy after certain meals and that eating too much ‘junk’ food can cause obesity. Often children and teenagers will pick up a meal from a fast food restaurant as a snack, then go on to eat their usual daily meals, many of which contain more saturated fat and calories than the recommended amount for a whole day.

Another thing to take into consideration is what exactly is in the food that you choose. Whether the rumours are fact or fiction, wouldn’t you prefer to know that your nuggets don’t contain mechanically separated chicken or that the burgers are not made with horse-meat?

Besides the multi-national chains that we all know, there are fast food retailers out there that offer a healthier option. Obviously it depends on what you choose to eat and you should certainly navigate any menu with care to ensure you have a balanced meal. The Roast Office in Dorking, Surrey is a takeaway outlet offering the fast food concept, but with a difference. Everything is home-made, in-house, by their on the premises chef. An important part of the ethos behind the Roast Office is to offer British ingredients sourced locally if at all possible. This is the place to go if you want quality food made with fresh ingredients; home-made gourmet burgers, juicy roast chickens, extra meaty ribs, tasty vegetarian burgers, gluten free meals, salads, sides and a great selection of desserts

Just because you want something quickly doesn’t mean it has to be full of things that are bad for you. It’s good to know that this revolution in fast food is spawning a new trend with discerning consumers opting for fresh, healthy food that is also good value for money.

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