Social Media Sharing Made Easier!

Facebook are rolling out a whole host of new privacy settings tomorrow, Thursday 25th August, and now that we also have Google+, with the option to share with others via Circles, social networking seems to be getting easier! Keeping it simple has always been a good idea, and now some of the Social Media platforms are finally getting to grips with the fact that users like sites that are undemanding and easy to use.

Good news for those of us who find that some aspects of social networking are just that little bit too difficult to navigate, or to be truthful, too hard to bother with! This is particularly pertinent to some older folks who are always asking me about ‘privacy’ issues. Hopefully, these changes will make them feel more comfortable about sharing – even if it is the photos that they only want family members to look at. Although I am involved in a Social Media business, I am not a typical user in that there are still some things I cannot be bothered to do because they take up valuable time, and if I feel like that, there must be many others who can’t be troubled to create Google+ Circles, or Facebook, lists!

So Facebook have finally realised that people only really want to share with ‘Friends’ or to let something go ‘Public’, although there will be the third option of the ‘Custom’ feature for serious users.

Facebook’s VP of Product Chris Cox said in a blog post: “You have told us that ‘who can see this?’ could be clearer across Facebook, so we have made changes to make this more visual and straightforward.”

Back in March 2011, image and video hosting website Flickr added a new social sharing feature, making it easier to share images with the larger social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. The feature meant that users only had to upload images once, but it enabled them to share everywhere whereas previously users could only share photostreams, sets and groups with friends and family via email.

Anything that takes the stress out of sharing, that entices people who previously were a bit scared of sharing, and improves user control is a step forward. We all like simple, don’t we?

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