Sculptural Textiles

I am a huge fan of arts and crafts, and like to attempt my own projects when time, materials and the inclination takes me! However, I do enjoy admiring contemporary sculptural work undertaken by some of the best arts and crafts people around the world.

Here are a few of my picks featuring sculptural textiles from very talented and innovative artisans and professionals:

Finnish born London based designer Anne Kyyrö Quinn makes stunning handcrafted interior textiles from felt that resemble artworks instead of traditional fabrics. Her critically acclaimed products are in demand throughout the world. The Lola ottoman by Anne Kyyrö Quinn was seen in the Sex and the City 2 film. Her studio also specialises in highly decorative acoustic wall panels, many of which are found in prestigious internationally renowned company headquarters.

Another London-based textile designer, Helen Amy Murray, sculpts beautiful designs into different textiles such as suede, leather, wool felt, 100% silk and high-tech non-woven materials. Her work was originally inspired by wood and marble carvings discovered on a research trip to India and she then experimented with translating these similar sculptural effects into a new medium – textiles.

Up and coming Dutch fashion designer, Iris Van Herpen, is making a name for herself on the catwalks with her daring architecturally based designs that push the boundaries between art and fashion.

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