Driving in Spain

Here are a few guidelines about driving regulations in Spain – some of which you may know already, and some of which might be a revelation to you!



It might be obvious, but in Spain you drive on the right (the opposite to the UK).

Legal Requirements

At all times motorists must have in the car:

2 red warning triangles – in the event of breakdown or accident, these must be placed in front of and behind the vehicle.

A spare pair of glasses – if the driver wears glasses

A spare wheel

A full set of spare light bulbs, and the tools to change them

A reflective jacket

A certificate of insurance – whether a hired car, or a if a UK registered car, your UK insurance certificate (generally only valid for a stay of less than 3 months)

Further requirements:

Seat belts are required to be on at all times in the front and back seats

No child under the age of 12 should be in the front seat

Small children must be in an approved child safety seat in the back

Do no talk on mobile phones when driving. It is forbidden – even if pulled over at the side of the road

Using an earpiece is also prohibited, but is allowed to be used with a completely hands-free unit

You must be over 18 years old to drive in Spain

Remember that speeding fines are on the spot for non-residents. The speed limit on Spanish motorways has reverted to 120 kilometres per hour (kph) after being dropped to 110kph in February 2011 in an effort to educate drivers that higher speeds consumer more petrol.

Safe driving!

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