Welcome to JoWyndhamWard – the online magazine blog containing informative articles, news and reviews featuring my take on the world and giving you a glimpse of life as I see it in Southern Spain, Gibraltar and the UK.

My passion is writing, whether it be fiction or factual. As so many others, I am an aspiring novelist who always finds an excuse for not finishing a first draft! Writing consumes my life, whether it be as a staff writer for other blogs, a freelance journalist for offline publications, or as a copywriter for corporate businesses.

Reading goes hand-in-hand with writing as an interest of mine, and as a member of 3 book groups I have to find the time to indulge myself in fiction and non-fiction tomes on a regular basis. The book reviews in JWW are not based solely on my own point of view, but also incorporate the general impression of fellow book group members that hopefully results in an unbiased opinion.

JWW is not just all about me though. More recently I have become involved in a Social Media business, and I hope to pass on useful hints, tips and articles surrounding this global phenomenon that is not merely a passing fad, but one which is here to stay.

Hopefully JWW will become a stopping off point for readers looking for inspiration, advice and maybe, sometimes, a little piece of enlightenment!


Jo Wyndham Ward





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